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Sharing Memories with Classmates

By Kiera Reilly, C’93

Photo contributions from Penn 1993 classmates: Sonia Biswas, Derek Braslow, Allison Brody, Frank Cacurro, Eli Faskha, Allison Feder Fliegler, Debbie Frank, Amy Frary, Lisa Grabelle, Leila Graham-Willis, Mike Hardy, Debbie Jaffe, Stephen Jung, Joe Kopcha, Valerie Broadwin Mutterperl, Amy Raslevich, Eliza Schleifstein, Lauren Siegel Shannon, Allyson Wagner Sonenshine, Wendy Spander, Julie Avila Stuckman, Jennifer Warren, Katrina Cooley Weller, and Joel Yarbrough

As we move closer to our 25th Reunion, classmates are digging through old photos and sharing them in our class Facebook group (if you’re Penn’93 and you have not joined yet, you are missing out on the fun!)

There isn’t a theme to this post, other than fond memories of our time at Penn.  Below are photos from parties, from gatherings, from Sorority formals, photos that show our class together with smiles on our faces. Some photos in the back show us what campus used to look like, or of buildings or establishments that no longer exist (we’re still looking for photos of the old bookstore, the Palladium, and Troy’s).


Thank you to all of our classmates that shared their photos and memories with us. We are looking forward to making more memories on campus at our 25th Reunion. We hope you will Meet us at the Button May 11 – 14, 2018!

Penn 1993 on SEPTA

On a SEPTA bus

Random photos of classmates doing random things.


Sorority photos from Allison Feder Fliegler


Here’s a picture of friends from my freshman hall and friends not from our hall, gathering at Karen’s parent’s house outside of Philly for an end of the year barbecue.

Penn 1993 freshman hall-mates

Freshman hall-mates and friends photo courtesy of Kiera Reilly

Frank Cacurro shared these photos from parties at Phi Kap.




Photos from Jennifer Warren.


Julie Avila Stuckman shared this photo of friends in the High Rises.

Penn 1993 high rises

Julie Avila Stuckman with With Catherine Donaldson-Evans, Sonia Verma Parekh and Jennifer Yang Weedn.

The Penn Band


Penn Band tubas

Warwick Penn 1993

Warwick 2nd floor, photo courtesy of Lisa Grabelle

I love this photo of Hey Day since it’s alongside the stores on 38th Street that were next to the old Penn bookstore. This photo is taken looking north towards Walnut Street.


More Hey Day photos from an old reunion power point slide show.

Eli Faska shared this photo from a paintball outing: A Paintball outing in Jim Thorpe, PA, with Joseph Esses W’93, someone I don’t remember his name, Joseph Cohen, W’94, Eli Faskha, W’93 ENG’93, and Elias Maloul C’94.

I included the “I don’t remember” because I think as all of us look through our photos, we are all saying to ourselves, “Who is THAT?”

Penn 1993

Another great source of memories is Poor Richard’s Record – has anyone looked through it lately?

Poor Richard's Record 1993

Poor Richard’s Record 1993 photo courtesy of Eli Faska

Outside of Franklin Field, photo from Allison Brody.

Penn-1993 Franklin-Field

Outside of Franklin Field Emily Leong, Karen Grimm Berry and Voula Tsoutsiplides Koutsoris photo courtesy of Allison Brody

Fun photos with friends and a homemade Eagles shirt, photos from Derek Braslow.

Pictures of buildings from Jennifer Warren.

Another Franklin Field photo, this from the upper stands courtesy of Wendy Spander.

Franklin-Field Penn-1993

Upper stands at Franklin Field, photo courtesy of Wendy Spander: Julio Arias, Julie Greene, Josh Astrof, Rachel Cytron

Photos from the DP banquet Senior Year from Wendy Spander.

Photos from Mike Hardy.

Third floor English House group photo from Freshman year courtesy of Stephen Jung.

English House 1989-1990

Third floor English House freshman year courtesy of Stephen Jung

Photos from Joel Yarbroughl – one looks to be a freshman dorm hall, and the other is from Hey Day 1993 for the Class of 1994.

Lauren Siegel Shannon shared this group of photos and it makes me laugh because of the phone cords!


photo courtesy of Lauren Siegel Shannon

Photos from a Sphinx outing into Center City.

Allyson Wagner Sonenshine shared photos of Off the Beat and Kappa Alpha Theta’s sorority formal.

Debbie Frank shared a photo of a photo collage with photos of many classmates and many pictures from Hey Day.

Penn 1993 #93tothe25th

Photo collage from Debbie Frank

Sonia Biswas shared these photos and this story: Joseph Ayers and I have been friends since the first weekend of Freshman year when we lived on the fifth floor of English House. In 2010, we were both deployed to Afghanistan, and Joe transited my base. We were able to spend a few minutes catching up at the crack of dawn before Joe headed out to his base. From hanging out at Penn to working hard and reminiscing in war zones #EH54ever!

Katrina Cooley Weller shared this photo of her with Volleyball teammates Stephanie Bell Loller and Gina Herrera Duggan.

Penn Volleyball

Penn Volleyball teammates from Penn 1993

Debbie Jaffe shared this photo from Spring Fling – interesting to note the footwear everyone is wearing.  The second photo provides lots of background dorm decor, and the third is hanging on College Green.

Love this photo of Penn cheerleader Dana Batles Smith.

Penn cheerleader

Dana Matles Smith photo courtesy of Joel Yarbrough

We love these photos from Valerie Broadwin Mutterperl of classmates in the Quaker spirit!

Stephen Jung shared this photo of the Community Service Living Learning Project retreat.

Penn 1993

Community Service Living Learning Project retreat photo courtesy of Stephen Jung

Amy Raslevich shared this photo and the caption: Bringing the concerns of Wharton Democrats (all four of us) to Harris Wofford.

penn 1993 Amy Raslevich and Harris wofford

Amy Raslevich and Harris Wofford

Amy Frary shared these photos which show a lot of backgrounds of interest.


Joe Kopcha shared photos highlighting the fashions of the day – acid wash jeans, mock turtlenecks and those belts.

Eliza Schleifstein shared a photo of her hallmates in Warwick 1.

warwick 1 at penn

Warwick 1 photo courtesy of Eliza Schleifstein

Penn Class of 1993 25th Reunion #93tothe25th

Penn Class of 1993 25th Reunion Countdown

The weekend of April 20-21, marked 3 weeks until the 25th Reunion of the Penn Class of 1993 (May 11 – 14, 2018)! Meet us at the Button!

Register NOW to attend our 25th Reunion!

Join us we count down the weeks to our reunion #93tothe25th:

  • Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
  • Classmates are invited to join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups.
  • Donate to The Penn Fund in honor of our reunion! We want to break the 25th reunion participation giving record and every gift matters!
  • Do you have old photos or mementos from our time at Penn? Photos of Spring Fling? Football at Franklin Field? Classes at DRL? We are taking a trip down memory lane and would love for you to share your memories with our class in a future post. Please email us upenn1993@gmail.com!
  • Book your hotel room or AirBnB now! See our class website for details.
  • Tag all of your social media posts #penn1993 and #pennalumni!




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City Girl?

Author: Tory Gobat, SEAS’10

The other day, my parents drove in to Philly in my dad’s pickup truck, a trailer in tow, to help me pack away most of what I own for moving. I pointed out my toenails to my mom. The night before, I had painted them a shiny royal blue (taking up time I could have used for packing…). She said, “Those make you look like a city girl to me.”

Six years ago, I was amidst my complex search for the “right” college. Part of the challenge in this quest was trying to find an institution that would allow me to pursue a major that was neither common nor clearly defined. I wanted something to do with computers, and graphics, but not too artsy since I rather lack talent in that area… Also, I wanted to be part of a marching band. During high school, I played in one and only grew to love that experience more and more. It became a must-have college criterion.

I didn’t have too many other preferences in college features, except I was sure I did not want to be in a city environment. Having spent my whole life  in one house in a small town, surrounded by nothing much but other small towns (and some shopping centers), city life seemed to be a big, scary, and unsafe experience.

Flash forward to this past spring. It’s freezing cold, and I’m late. Stalwartly positioned on the familiar corner where Locust Walk becomes Locust Street, I peer up 40th Street, hoping to see for the golden display on a city bus reading: “40 2-LOMBARD.” Over time, I’ve learned that certain  SEPTA buses are off schedule sometimes, but I’m hoping one might be coming soon. I’ve made an amazing number of trips on SEPTA now: buses, trolleys, and subways. I haven’t patronized a wide variety of routes, but navigating those I do take has become second nature. In fact, I’ve just purchased my June 2011 monthly pass, demarcating completion of my first full year of regularly riding SEPTA.

Every day, I swipe and step onto a SEPTA vehicle of some kind; crossing paths with numerous other city dwellers. “City dweller.” Is that who I am now? Penn provided my fledgling urban living experiment. It wasn’t an easy road: my first subway ride into Center City was made on the command of a friend, who dragged me to Chris’ Jazz Café because I had to see and write about a live jazz performance for the Jazz Style & History course I was taking. I realize now that my ventures off campus over the years remained relatively few in number and limited in scope.

Nonetheless, the Penn environment was the stepping stone I needed. I was (and still am) in love with the beautiful campus area surrounding Locust Walk. There, I felt protected from the streets when I so desired. But the bounding streets (34th, Spruce, 40th, Walnut) were of course just a block away in any direction, and I crossed them daily.

For the past year after graduation, I resided with fellow Penn students/grads of my same year, just a couple blocks west of campus.  Starting June 3 though, I will be a new resident of Center City. Leaving University City for Center City feels like the final step in detachment from Penn — certainly not that I want to be away from it. But one of my key motivations for staying (i.e. living and working full-time) in Philadelphia was to explore the city much more fully than I had done while living on campus. I have since made some progress and am eager for more; settling in this new spot will be one more step along the way.

So, am I a city girl now? I don’t think I can totally claim that title yet (and perhaps not for awhile). But I do know that I am truly enjoying the process, and am grateful for the critical part that my Penn experience has given me.

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