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Senior Week 1993

By Kiera Reilly, C’93

As many photos as we have shared in our #93tothe25th countdown posts, many more have been shared in our Class Facebook group. And everyone is also being reflective.

Eliza Schleifstein wrote:

When I talk about my four years at Penn, I still say it is the best four years of my life, despite 13 years at a private school, 20 years of marriage and two children. Given that my kids now view some of my Penn friends as closer to them than their own family and call their kids their cousins, it just makes sense. No matter where you go, Penn alumni seem to all say the same thing, and you do not hear it from other schools.

Jennifer Jarett shared:

I have to admit, a little over five years ago, I was on the fence about attending our 20th reunion. Susan Baranovsky West, charmer that she is, convinced me to go. I ended up having a wonderful time catching up with old friends and making a new friend in Rob Williams! It was such a delightful weekend that when I came back, I immediately tried to find out how to volunteer for the 25th reunion. So I have been looking forward to this for a pretty long time! And now, over the past few weeks, with everyone sharing all of their photos and memories (thank you to all the class hoarders who still have so many tickets and fliers and t-shirts!!!), I am overflowing with excitement!! I can’t wait to see you all!

Caren Lissner added:

May we all make new friends. I keep seeing so many photos that remind me just how many people I *didn’t* know in my class…but there were 5,000 undergrads in our school, so it’s logical we never crossed paths with some.

And Amanda Rykoff chimed in:

The best part about the Penn community is that we share that bond no matter what class and even if we didn’t know each other while we were at Penn. Some of my best friends are Penn alumni I didn’t know when I was there or who graduated well after me but we had that bond. All roads lead to Penn. Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend!

And now back to reminiscing about our Senior Week back in 1993.

Our Senior Class board planned a week of events for us.

Penn 1993 Senior Class Board

Penn 1993 Senior Class Board

The schedule!

Penn 1993 Senior week schedule

Senior Week 1993 schedule

Who remembers the South Street Strut?

Penn 1993 Senior Week

The map for the South Street Strut, photo courtesy of Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro


The Phillies game – tickets were only $7.00!

Penn 1993 Phillies game

Phillies game! Photo courtesy of Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro



We went to Great Adventure.

Not sure if this is from Great Adventure or the beach.

Penn 1993 senior week

photo courtesy of Jennifer Warren

We spent the day in Atlantic City and at the beach.

Penn 1993 senior week atlantic city

Buses to AC! Photo courtesy of Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro

Penn 1993 senior week

at the beach photo courtesy of Derek Braslow

The Walnut Walk!!!

penn 1993 senior week

The Walnut Walk map!

Penn 1993 Senior week

Walnut Walk route photo courtesy of Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro

Fun on the walk


We spent the day on the Green.

Penn 1993 Senior week

Spending the day on College Green, photo courtesy of Jennifer Jarett

Penn 1993 senior week

Hanging on College Green during senior week

The Senior Formal at the Bellevue Hotel.

The Senior Class Board before the formal.

penn 1993 senior week

The 1993 Senior Class board during Senior week, photo courtesy of Julie Berliner Bell

Penn 1993 Senior wrrk

Senior Class Board at the Senior Formal, photo courtesy of Julie Berliner Bell: Brooke Hayes, Ed Miller, Allison Bieber McKibben, Julie Berliner Bell, Chrissy Bass Hofbeck, Doug Rosenberg, Elissa Laitin, Michael Rosenband and Jennifer Spadano-Gasbaro

Penn 1993 senior formal

Friends at the formal, photo courtesy of Allison Brody: Voula Tsoutsiplides Katsouris, Emily Leong, Lester, Jim Asali, Allison Brody



penn 1993 senior week

4034 Walnut goes to the senior formal, photo courtesy of Jennifer Jarett


penn 1993 senior week

The floor seen from above at The Bellevue


penn 1993 senior week

Senior Formal at the Bellevue


penn 1993 senior week

Going to the senior formal, photo courtesy of Julie Avila Stuckman: Allison Ford (now Harbart), Catherine Donaldson-Evans, Liz Rabbi Cribbs, you, Jennifer Warren, Suneeta Krish, Ellen Chung (now Kinney), Nancy Boudreau (now Oliver), Bridget, Sonia Verma (now Parekh)

And then our very first alumni day where we marched as a class down Locust Walk in the Alumni Day parade.

Penn Alumni Day 1993 Penn Band

Penn Band drum major Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro and Mitchell Kraus lead the Penn Band over the 38th Street bridge on Alumni Day 1993

Jonathan Goldstein was seen carrying the Philomathean Society flag in the Alumni Parade – and Provost Aiken and Lucy Hackney and President Sheldon Hackney .

penn 1993 senior week

Jonathan Goldstein with the Philomathean flag

We presented a check from our Senior Class Gift drive.

Penn 1993 Senior Week

Senior Class Gift Drive co-chairs Stephanie Fish and Lincoln Singleton with Doug Hodis

Penn 1993 Alumni day

Jodi Lynne Baird Styner, Wendy Spander and Andy Roth on alumni day

Penn 1993 senior week

Kiera Reilly and Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro

Next stop….Commencement!

Penn Class of 1993 25th Reunion #93tothe25th

Penn Class of 1993 25th Reunion Countdown

The weekend of April 27 – 28, marked 2 weeks until the 25th Reunion of the Penn Class of 1993 (May 11 – 14, 2018)! Meet us at the Button!

Register NOW to attend our 25th Reunion!

Join us we count down the weeks to our reunion #93tothe25th:

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