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Smoothie Criminal

Author: Drew Feith-Tye Asia, C’09

Greetings from Sweeten!

This is my first blog post EVER (cue the new girl) and I’m quite excited to be contributing to this already-awesome forum of all things PENN. Graduating in 2009, my dear alma mater has never been far from my heart (or my mind), so I am pleased as punch to have some space to articulate my unwavering love and admiration for my old student (and current professional) stomping grounds.

I think we’ll keep this one short and see where the next post leads. It’s been a while since I’ve had a writing assignment (I was a creative writing minor and took tons of prose and poetry courses back in the day – which is not so far back but I feel SO OLD sometimes when I walk up Locust Walk in the morning with my little thermo-regulated polka-dotted lunch box and loafers instead of my backpack and sneakers).

So, let’s see. I have millions of memories from my days at Penn – incredible friends who I couldn’t live without, professors who inspired me, scenery that took my breath away, and meeting my husband (the best of all). But, aside from all of these major moments, one in particular stands out right now:

The Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Protein Shake at Pottruck. That thing was utterly epic in its thick, creamy, unabashed deliciousness.

Hankering for the recipe? Do it to it, Lars (Heavyweights, anyone?):

Three scoops chocolate protein powder (also known as whey – as in “curds and”)

Two parts banana (b-a-n-a-n-a-s!)

One heaping spoonful of peanut butter (I prefer the chunk, you?)

A hearty splash of skim milk (because, obviously, we’re keepin’ things light)

Blend and serve. In a MASSIVE cup. Liiiiiiike THIS:

This beverage  is the kind of thing where you know you shouldn’t do it, and you’re pretty positive it’s going ruin every calorie of your last uber-aggressive elliptical journey up and down that steep red-light beeping hill (it’s always harder on the way down, isn’t it?), but despite it all you JUST. CANNOT. RESIST. By the end of my senior year, I didn’t even pretend I was going there to work out – I just popped in and headed straight for the Energy Zone (no pass go, no 10# arm curls).

Sure, call me an addict – because that would be a perfectly appropriate description of my relationship with this substantially large cup of heaven-sent sweetness. But. BUT. My obsession did teach me an unforgettable lesson.

That, despite wanting something (whether or not it’s liquid gold), it’s very important to ask: “Is this going to be good for my nutrition, and my long-time health goals?”

And then, of course, truly “whey” your options.


No, but really, I learned after a not-so-long while that drinking this frequently was aiding in my ballooning, so I cut back. Eventually I cut it out all together. Now, nearly four years since my days at Penn, I belong to Crossfit Center City, where I do Olympic-style lifting, double unders, burpees (they sound gross, and they are, but not in a digestive sort of way), and I steer clear of sugar. And gluten. And peanuts. Which means no more liquid gold. Does this seem boring? Maybe. But I’ve learned to control myself and, although I’ve had my rough moments, I haven’t thought about that smoothie in years.

Until earlier today when some girl walked out of Pottruck with very little to no sweat on her brow, and one massive cup in her hand, sipping and savoring every plentiful ounce.

Thank you, random student, for inspiring this post, and, in many ways, my newer-found approach to fitness.


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