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Spin the Wheel

Author: Lex Ruby Howe, C’07

Who doesn’t love a game show? It brings out our competitive spirit, our drive to win a pretty-shiny thing, and provides a chance to show off our innate skills.

Well, the Penn Traditions program recently capitalized on the average Penn person’s competitive side and unveiled the Penn Alumni Spinning Wheel! Inspired by Penn’s academic theme year “Year of Games,” Penn Traditions decided to go big or go home. We went big – the spinning wheel measures 5 feet in diameter and 10 feet tall – it is a behemoth of Penn games. And it rocks!

The spinning wheel’s maiden voyage was at Penn Park Field Day on Saturday, September 17. Thousands of Penn students, alumni, staff, and community friends flocked to the park for it’s opening, and the line at our spinning wheel attraction didn’t end. For two straight hours they all lined up and waited for their chance at fame and glory. Ok, maybe just a Penn Scarf or T-shirt, but the jubilation on the faces of the winners told it all.

Contestants, or aka, participants, in the Penn Alumni Wheel of Glory had to answer a challenging Penn trivia question – questions based on the history and traditions of our alma mater, which for some provided a large road block to that coveted prize. Many of the participants were freshman, who hadn’t yet seen the running of Penn Relays, or watched the sea of red as the juniors processed in their hats and canes on Hey Day. But with fans around them, and upperclassmen to help, most walked away with a prize and a smile!

Me at the Wheel with one of our newest members of the Class of 2015

Test your own Penn trivia knowledge with these questions below: would you be a winner??

1)      The Penn Coat of Arms includes the University’s motto quoted from Horace’s “Third Ode.”  What is the motto?

2)      How old was Ben Franklin when he died?

"Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky" by Benjamin West (1738-1820).

3)     Prior to its name change in the late 18th century, what did the University of Pennsylvania used to be called?

4)      According to its creator, what does the crack in the button represent?

5)      What year did Hey Day start at Penn?

Hey Day, 1911 (then called “Class Day”)

Know these questions, and when you find our spinning wheel at Homecoming you too might walk away a winner!

Answers to Quizzo questions: 1) Leges Sine Moribus Vanae, or Laws without Morals are Meaningless. 2) Ben Franklin was 84 when he passed. 3) The Academy of Philadelphia. 4) The Schuylkill River. 5) It was started in 1916.



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