Why We Give – Giving Tuesday with Penn 1993 (24 Weeks To Go)

By the Class of 1993 Reunion Gift Committee


Black Friday.

Cyber Monday.

Giving Tuesday.

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Today, on Giving Tuesday, we asked the Class of 1993 Reunion Gift Committee to share the reasons why they give to Penn.

This fiscal year, the year of our 25th Penn Reunion, we’re striving to set a new record of 1,047 class donors. The previous record was set by the class of 1982 in their 25th reunion year and has not been touched for 11 years; no other class has even reached 850 donors.

Gifts of any size—from $25 to $25,000—help the Class of 1993 get to this participation milestone. Help us reach our goal by making a gift today: www.pennfund.upenn.edu/penn93

Penn Class of 1993 Ivy Stone on the Palestra

Penn Class of 1993 Ivy Stone

The passion and engagement of our class should make setting a new record a breeze—but we need you to get there! For more inspiration, read why our fellow classmates give back to Penn:

Sapna Shah, C’93, W’93

Educational access is a cause I deeply care about and by giving scholarship funds to Penn, I’m supporting students who might not otherwise get to experience all that Penn has to offer. Penn was transformative to me and I want other students to have those same opportunities.

Fred Goltz, C’93, W’93

My reasons for giving to Penn are pretty simple:  to repay in some small measure what Penn has given and continues to give to me.  The opportunities afforded to me by my association with Penn have truly been life changing.  Helping to provide those same opportunities to future generations is not just effective philanthropy; it is a constant reminder of the importance of education as a critical stepping-stone to progress and hope.

Penn Class of 1993 flag #93tothe25th

Our Penn Class of 1993 flag

Jason Pantzer, C’93

It has been 25 years since I graduated Penn and each time I return I am impressed by new, exciting, and revolutionary developments on campus.  Penn continues to evolve and improve as one of the top universities in the country.  As a supporter of Penn, I am proud to know that each donation is used to invest in its students, campus and community in an extremely thoughtful manner.

Rachel Wagman, MD, C’93

I am passionate about the undergraduate experience at Penn – the depth and breadth of opportunities across the academic compass, and the freedom to engage with some of the top minds and leading thinkers across disciplines. University Life represents a key area of focus in my endeavor to make a contribution to benefit others: it is humbling to help students touch the experience that is Penn.

Darren Fogel, W’93

Penn is one of the finest universities in the country. The school’s reputation is bolstered by the ability of alumni to support its many unique academic and extracurricular programs and by offering assistance to those outstanding students who otherwise would not be able to attend. Our efforts help ensure the continued success of the University.

Herald Chen, ENG’93, W’93

Penn had a tremendously positive impact on me. Importantly, it is an experience that I could not have had without assistance from Penn’s financial aid and grant programs. Further, Penn is an even better institution than when I attended, but what also comes with that is an increasing cost. As the largest university in the nation to have grant-based financial aid, Penn’s undergraduate financial aid budget requires in excess of $200 million per year. Therefore, my wife and I enjoy giving to the Penn through the Penn Fund, Undergraduate Scholarships and the M&T Program as a way to ‘pay it forward’.

Ben on the Bench at the University of Pennsylvania #93tothe25th

Ben on the Bench with Penn 1993

Brett Barth, W’93

I give to Penn for many reasons.  But it was one of the most important and transformative experiences of my life.  I feel compelled to give back and Penn is worthy of my support.  It continues to improve and evolve to stay one of the preeminent universities in the world. There are many ways to give to Penn, but supporting Undergraduate scholarships and the Penn Fund (also contributing to undergraduate financial aid) are the most impactful. You are giving a gift of a Penn education and the experience that meant so much to me to those who could not otherwise afford it.

Michelle Peluso, W’93

I give to Penn for a very simple reason – it helped shape me into the person I am by introducing me to people and ideas that vastly expanded my world, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.  And just as much, perhaps now more than ever when our world is facing so much division, I want others to have that same unbelievable opportunity.

Lincoln Singleton, W’93

Penn was a transformative experience for me.  I really felt empowered by the student and faculty community there to develop and confidently be my own person.  I attended Penn by the virtue of copious financial aid programs.  I left Penn having shouldered about 10% of my four year education via student loans. Today, a student from a working poor, single parent family like mine would graduate from Penn loan free.

Give Back to The Penn Fund on Giving Tuesday

As of today, the Class of 1993 has 153 donors this fiscal year, and so close to reclaiming the #1 spot among reunion classes—the class of 2013 has 155 donors. Let’s pull ahead of them in a big way and make major moves towards our goal!

Give Today!

Some facts about our 25th reunion class gift and participation:

  • Every size gift counts and matters deeply. Your gift shows your gratitude for all Penn has brought to your life, and is your vote of confidence in Penn’s present and future. Give what is personally meaningful to you, and know how grateful we are for it whatever the size!
  • ’93 couples count as two donors in participation!
  • Your gift supports our class reunion fund, which supports our two class projects (an addition to our Class of 1993 Endowed Scholarship and the establishment of the Class of 1993 Endowed Internship at the Netter Center for Community Partnerships) and The Penn Fund (the University’s central annual fund supporting student financial aid and critical undergraduate initiatives); gifts to most individual endowed scholarships are also counted for class gift credit.
  • As a whole Penn has gone from 7th to 3rd place among our Ivy+ peers in alumni participation by percentage. Still, only about 35% of alumni give back, compared to 60% for Princeton. We can and will do better, one gift at a time!
  • Contact our class giving director Rachel Robinson at rachelsw@upenn.edu or 215-898-3645 with any questions. She’d love to hear from you!

Make your gift to The Penn Fund in celebration of our 25th Reunion here:  www.pennfund.upenn.edu/penn93.

#93tothe25th Penn Class of 1993 25th Reunion Committee #PRLC2017

1993 25th Reunion Committee planning our reunion at Penn in September, 2017

Penn Class of 1993 25th Reunion Countdown

The weekend of November 24 – 25, 2017 marked 24 weeks until the 25th Reunion of the Penn Class of 1993 (May 11 – 14, 2018)!

Join us we count down the weeks to our reunion #93tothe25th:

  • Do you have old photos or mementos from our time at Penn? Photos of Spring Fling? Football at Franklin Field? Classes at DRL? We are taking a trip down memory lane and would love for you to share your memories with our class in a future post. Please email us upenn1993@gmail.com!
  • Join our reunion committee – email Lisa Grabelle at lisagrabelle@yahoo.com.
  • Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
  • Classmates are invited to join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Important hotel update! Overwhelming response from our great class has sold out the Downtown Marriott Class of 1993 room block for Saturday night. There are alternative hotels. We recommend booking ASAP! Please see our class website for additional details.


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