New Friends, Same Traditions: Penn Connections at Beaumont at Bryn Mawr

On Wednesday, March 1st, the Beaumont Retirement Community of Bryn Mawr held its first University of Pennsylvania reunion. Over 40 residents attended, and enthusiastically celebrated their days at Penn. Those days were fondly remembered as a defining period in their lives. There were many favorable comments regarding Penn’s growth in physical stature from the time when we were students on that campus, until now. The College for Women, The College of Arts and Sciences, and The Law School were most heavily represented, but there were those from other departments as well. Our oldest graduate was from the class of ’41, and the youngest was from the class of ’68. Alumni Relations supplied us with assorted Penn Memorabilia, which added much to the celebratory atmosphere.

SocialMedia Penn-Beaumont-Reunion_PennAlumni-logo 3-6-17


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