Chicago Sages Discover Louis Kahn in the Film “My Architect”

One day during my Art 140 Seminar (we’d attend these fantastic lectures and then we’d all meet in seminars with intent graduate instructors), Louis Kahn strode through the door of the classroom on the way to his office. Our instructor rose as he entered and we all followed, as if Michelangelo had just appeared. For up-and-coming architects that’s who he was. But I only discovered last night that there are no Kahn buildings on the Penn campus or, for that matter, in the city of Philadelphia, thanks to a city politician named Ed Bacon.

Chicago Penn Sages had a rare opportunity to join with faculty of the Art Institute to view Nathaniel Kahn’s film,” My Architect,” of his journey to discover his father. It was a fascinating film but even more fascinating was Nathaniel’s discussion about his memories of his father, who came to visit him periodically (Kahn was still married when Nathaniel’s mother became pregnant).

KahnBefore viewing the film, the Sages mixed with alumni of Penn Design and faculty of the Art Institute, enjoying hors d’oeuvres, wine and good conversation under the magnificent dome at the entrance of the Cultural Center’s Claudia Cassidy Theater.


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