Snowed In!

Author: John Mosley, C’14

    Thursday, for the second time in a single semester, the University of Penn ceased normal operations due to the severe snowstorm. Two snow days in one semester. WOW! I know it doesn’t seem like much, but now I have had more snow days during this semester alone than I did during the rest of my time as an undergraduate at Penn. Last year I was a junior and there were none. The year before that I was a sophomore and there were none! There year before that I was an eager-eyed freshman who was granted one whole snow day. So, yes, for me the declaration of a snow day at Penn is a huge deal!

            However, I must grant that, despite granting us students an extra day to sleep in and catch up on schoolwork (or your favorite television shows), snow days are above all else annoying. Thursday I slipped and fell twice publicly! Of course it was worth it for my Wawa soup and coffee.  I had to dig my car out of the snow! That’s no fun. When I was a kid, snow days meant running around outside for hours on end, with no care in the world, building snowmen and snow forts and snowballs, with which to pelt siblings and neighbors. Snow days meant coming inside frozen to the bone only to be greeted with hot cocoa and chicken noodle soup and cartoons!

I guess if my blogs have a theme this year, it’s growing up. I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up, with graduation only 3 short months away. A snow day is a small example of the way responsibilities grow as you get older. Gone are the days of running around tirelessly climbing huge piles of snow. Now, I walk more carefully with each step and I dread the chore of shoveling snow just so I can get out of the house! Then again, who can complain on a Thursday with no class?


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