A Year in Review

Author: Joshua Durando

Every year, right around this time, we are all reflective on the year we’ve had, and look forward to what’s to come. We’ve learned lessons, grown another year wiser, and made resolutions to help make this year better than the last. For me, January not only signified a new calendar year, but also marked an anniversary – 1 year at Penn. That’s right; January 7th was the one year anniversary of the man who wrote his first blog post about the pet fish he keeps on his desk. For all inquiring minds, Pippen is alive and well.

He was feeling a bit shy today.

He was feeling a bit shy today.

The past year has been incredibly busy (having to keep a fish alive and all), but also incredibly rewarding. I’ve learned a lot over the last year and can honestly say Penn has come to feel like a second home. Working in Programs and Special Events (P&SE), I have the unique opportunity to meet alumni from all across the country at a host of different events. Helping to plan events like Making History at Penn Park, Penn Spectrum, or yPenn Highballs allow me the opportunity to see Penn in many different ways. After reflecting on all of the events I have worked on over the last year, I think my favorite would have to be the Time to Shine 11 city tour which took place throughout the fall. The tour, meant to celebrate the end of the campaign and the exciting new frontiers at Penn, was probably the best way to indoctrinate a new employee into Penn’s vibrant culture. How could I not fall in love with this place? In every city you, our alumni, were so excited to hear about what Penn had accomplished and where it was going. Not only that, you were also excited to hear about me. Where did I work? When did I start? How was I liking it? Everyone was so welcoming, assuring me that I was “going to love it”. You weren’t wrong. The enthusiasm for this place is contagious.

Though the tour is over, 2014 does not fall short when it comes to opportunities to engage with Penn. I know all of us in P&SE are excited to plan fabulous events that allow you to come back to campus or celebrate Penn when we come visit you in your city. There are tons of exciting new events on the horizon including Penn 2 U’s, a series of yPenn events, and of course, all of the Alumni Weekend activities. So I guess the question really is: will engaging with Penn make it on your list of resolutions for 2014? Keep your eyes peeled for invites and save the dates coming your way. And of course, always check Frankly Penn for recaps and fun pictures.

We hope to see you in 2014!



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