It’s snowing in Philadelphia!!

Author: Edna Gonzalez-Serrano, GED’15


It’s December and we finally received some snow. I’ve been waiting patiently to experience a Philadelphia winter since I lived through Boston winters for four years and hear it’s more bearable here. But it seems to be elusive, and since I’m trying to avoid all the dreaded work I have for the next 2 weeks, here are some pictures from my apartment window in Sansom East and the college green.

Edna 12-9

Edna 12-9  [2]

The craziest part of it all is, is seeing someone walking around with a snowboard. But it hasn’t REAAAAALLLY snowed yet!

Edna 12-9 [3]

For those curious of what my schedule looks like as a graduate student in the Higher Education program and graduate assistant at Penn Alumni, here’s a glimpse of this week. It’s more of a do-able week than the following week. Graduate students don’t get reading days, so we have finals during our regular schedules.

Edna 12-9 [4]



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