Happy Veterans Day!!

Author: Edna Gonzalez, GED’15

This is my view every morning on the way to work

This is my view every morning on the way to work


The fall is in full swing and I’ve fallen (quite literally) prey to the yearly count of student injuries. Below is the lovely boot I’ve been sporting for about 4 weeks.



For those who attended Homecoming, I sported the “boot” proudly on Locust walk. You might have seen me wobbling around with my Penn gear on taking photos of people enjoying their time. If you missed Homecoming, I have to say…YOU MISSED OUT! The Taste of Penn had delicious foods from different ethnicities. Locust walk was buzzing with students, children, Alumni, and even their pets! It was great seeing Alumni, young and old, come from all over the country to visit campus. I felt like a true Quaker.





Even Ronnie, a dog in the Penn Vet Working Dog program arrived with his foster mom to enjoy the scenery. I recommend you take a look at the amazing work they’re doing by training dogs to be search and rescue canines. You can foster if you live in the area!


Now if only if I can find the excitement and energy I put into homecoming to hold me up this week. I have major assignments due every day this week! How on earth did other graduate students survive??? I just keep reminding myself….Thanksgiving break is around the corner!

I also heard a rumor going around that it might snow and rain this week. Ekk!! I’m not ready, especially with a boot around campus! Cross your fingers that it won’t snow!


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