The Fall Approaches….

Author: Edna Gonzalez, GED’15

The fall is fast approaching in Philly and the leafs are starting to change colors. It seems like months have gone by due to the amount of work I’ve already done! My schedule consist of a 20 hour Graduate Assistantship and 5 graduate courses at GSE in the Higher Ed division. It seems like I’m always in the mist of finals.

ednaphoto1                                                                   View from the 6th Floor of Van Pelt Library

The undergraduates just had their fall break. Which is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing. I’m jealous that graduate students don’t get this much-needed break to rest from schoolwork. But then again, I don’t miss midterms either.

The weather can’t quite decide whether it’s going to stay humid or cold. So it seems that I’ve caught a cold that’s been spreading throughout the university and visited Student Health Services that’s down the street from Sansom Place towers.


ednaphoto3                                                          It seems to be quite the popular place to be!

My friends from the west coast are in a frenzy to go shopping for warmer clothes. That ‘jacket’ that was useful during the coldest day of the winter in Los Angeles doesn’t help very much on the East Coast. Stay tuned to the trails and tribulations of this fall. Will the graduate students from the West Coast survive the winter of Philadelphia this year??? Will I get over this cold!?? Oh College/Grad School…..


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