Food Snob: Coffee addiction

Author: Rachel S. C’16

I have a confession: I love coffee. I don’t mean I love those milkshakes at Starbucks or the watered-down, lukewarm coffee they have in Hill. I love a really good cup of single origin drip coffee in the morning and a creamy, acidic latte for an afternoon jolt. For my first few weeks on campus  I cringed every time someone ordered a “caramel macchiato” at 1920 (macchiato means “marked” in Italian– a macchiato is a shot of espresso “marked” with a dollop of milk foam)
and struggled through my classes with weak coffee.

I thought all was lost. And then Joe saved me.

Joe Coffee is a mini-chain based in New York. There’s a branch on Columbia’s campus and the baristas are single-handedly responsible for my caffeine addiction and subsequent distaste for sub-par, mass produced coffee. I made my first pilgrimage to Drexel this weekend and spent well over an hour in my seat, inhaling the pleasant, sharp aroma of really, really good coffee.

Another perk: Joe is slightly off Penn’s campus in one of Drexel’s new buildings. It provides the perfect excuse to get off campus and step back from everything for an hour or two.

And then I can get back to work (fully caffeinated).



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