Hellooooooo Penn!

Author: Edna Gonzalez, M.S.Ed ’14

This Las Vegan is officially a Quaker! I have a Penn email address, my new Penn t-shirt and my Penn card. I’m ready for this academic year! …Now if only I could remember to have my Penn card handy every time I have to swipe into a building.



There are so many firsts on my Penn journey. New scenery, new people, new expectations! First time visiting Wawa, Kiwi, and walking down Locust walk! I was surprised by the friendliness of people. The campus was buzzing with students, parents, staff, and faculty walking around the campus. But there was a sense of laid back and openness.  I could see parents smiling proudly as they shopped with their sons and daughters. Others looked exhausted from pushing the move-in carts. But there was a pride and joy in the air. A new was about to commence.


4(Have you ever seen these??? It’s my first time. But I love them! They’re super handy)

During my adventure to a Target and Ikea I took a slight detour to check out the famous rivalry between Geno’s and Pat’s steak places with my mother. You can see who won…



But I’d like to think that I found a new winner.


I’m all moved in and in full of swing of things now. But I’m still slowly discovering where things are; such as the Houston hall market and the fruit cart lady. Need I mention anymore? Its super convenient and delicious!


I catch myself pondering how lucky I am to be in a program and course of study that I thoroughly enjoy. My cohort members are very different yet intelligent and capable peers who have a passion for higher education and will make an impact in the field. I can only imagine what the future holds for us. Wish me luck as I navigate my Master’s degree!



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  1. Welcome to Penn, Edna! I am also from Las Vegas and a huge fan of Ishkabibble’s. Hope to get to meet soon.

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