Campus Dining Options, or, How to avoid Dieting on Penn’s Campus

Author: Lillian Gardiner, GEd’11

Assistant Director, Multicultural Outreach, UPenn

With a new school year beginning, many students and new staff are wondering where to find the best grub on Penn’s campus. It’s taken me well over 2 years to get a grip on all the yummy food available here but I met the challenge head on and am now sharing the results of my labor with you.

Here are some of my tried-and-true favorites:

1. Joe’s Café, Steinberg Dietrich. You may not find this on your own, it’s a beautiful, well-lit space to have lunch inside. They offer sandwiches, soups, & salads, and a lot of healthy snacks like yogurt, hummus, and protein bars.

2. 1920 Common’s: just past the bridge coming from Locust walk. It features a recently renovated Starbucks, a gourmet grocery store and a LOT of hot food options. If you have a sweet tooth, I’d poke around here.

3. The Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays in front of the bookstore. It’s hard to miss but easy to forget it’s there every week until 3pm. Try to make a point of getting some fruit, fresh baked bread and a popsicle from the Lil’Pop Shop stand.

4. Finally, the food trucks! I’ll just list my favorites and you can look them up. You’ll have to take my word that these are delicious. Try Twitter for their locations and FB/websites for details.

Tyson Bees, Cucina Zapata, Lil’Dan’s, Pitruco, Delicias.

Zapata's Cap'N Crunch Tilapia Burrito

Zapata's tacos


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