On the Approach of Fall

Author: Aimee LaBrie

It’s ninety degrees today, and so the start of the fall semester seems off; summer can’t possibly be over already. Maybe it’s true that the older you get, the swifter time moves, because it feels like we just celebrated Alumni Weekend, and yet, here we are, just days away from Convocation.  Over the last week, new students have started arriving in droves to take part in New Student Orientation, the bookstore is flooded with returning students, and the line at the coffee shop stretches out to the street.

I want to tell the new students to take it easy; savor this short time before classes start, don’t fall in love with the first boy you meet at Hey Day, don’t rush to give up the better side of your dorm to your new roommate (she may seem sweet with her Southern accent and big red hair bows, but she will to turn on a dime).  Take your time when picking your confidantes, leave campus once in a while to see the rest of Philadelphia, buy lunch from the food trucks instead of Houston Hall, and, above all, eschew the idea that you need to take an 8 AM class. You do not.  Of course, I don’t say anything, but instead watch them and feel just slightly bit envious that for most of them them, time still stretches and they ache to get on with it.





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