Connect, Rediscover, and Celebrate at Penn Spectrum 2013

by Nicole C. Maloy, W’95

In 2010, The University of Pennsylvania hosted its first-ever Penn Spectrum conference focusing on programs of interest to Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Latino/Hispanic, LGBTQ, and Native American alumni. Alumni of all backgrounds were welcome to join the celebration. The alumni, students, faculty, and staff who attended the conference had a powerful, inspiring, wonderful time (a few of their comments are below). Some of you later attended Penn Spectrum on the Road events in 2011 and 2012, which featured networking receptions and faculty/alumni panel discussions in cities across the US.

I am very excited to invite you back to campus for the next full conference, Penn Spectrum 2013, which will take place this fall from Friday, September 20 – Sunday, September 22.

Penn Spectrum: An Alumni Conference Celebrating Diversity

A personal note: it is a big deal to see programming like this, with this audience in mind, at Penn. Just remember that it can only be successful if those who care about seeing programs like this take place (and continue) will register and attend. Support Penn Spectrum!

To make that easier for you to do, note that we worked hard to make the rates accessible – some of you may have paid more to attend weekend-long events that do not include meals. But Penn Spectrum will feed you, entertain you, and inform you from Friday to Sunday for $100 or less if you register by the early bird deadline. There are special, lower rates for young alumni, alumni aged 65+, alumni who are currently enrolled as full-time students elsewhere, and members of the class of 2013, the newest members of our alumni family. We have also reserved hotel rooms at rates that would be very tough to find at any other time. This shows how much we want to see you back on campus.

Your next chance to celebrate like this will be in 2016, so don’t miss out! Panel discussions, performing arts night, a generational luncheon, reunion events, alumni keynotes, and more await you. Early bird prices and special hotel rates apply through August 31, so learn more and register today at Connect with your fellow alumni. Rediscover Penn. Celebrate a wonderful weekend. I hope to see you in September at Penn Spectrum 2013.

Photos from Penn Spectrum 2010. Don’t miss Penn Spectrum 2013!

Some comments from alumni and students who attended Penn Spectrum 2010:

“Well done – great food – great conversation – etc., etc. As one of the oldest grads I spent a lot of time answering questions about what is was like when….”

“The Penn Spectrum conference offered me a chance to interact with Penn alumni in such an intimate way that I realized Penn was also a place where I could flourish and grow.”

“Thank you for providing this unique opportunity to be a part of the new Penn.”

“Everything was high quality and enjoyable.”

“I applaud the Office of Alumni relations, the university, and the alumni volunteer committee for putting on such an outstanding event. It definitely ranks as one of my most proud moments as a Penn alumnus.”



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2 responses to “Connect, Rediscover, and Celebrate at Penn Spectrum 2013

  1. ellen weinstein

    sounds like a fabulous weekend. unfortunately its our daughter’s family weekend at her university.

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