A Hot Day at the Morris Arboretum

Author: Lillian Gardiner, GEd’11

Morris Arboretum, owned by Penn, is 92 acres of lush gardens about 30 minutes north of the University. After 3 years of telling myself I should go see it, I finally made the trek out there on July 4.

I was blown away by the beauty and peacefulness of the place. There were art displays throughout, along with rose gardens, a swan pond, a log cabin, and a toy train exhibit. Check out their website for upcoming classes, lectures and events. Penn Card Holders get in for free, so no excuses!


That’s me! Just chillin’ in the canopy 50ft above ground.

photo 1

Blue eggs in a nest from the Out on a Limb tree adventure.

photo 2

Stone stairway nestled behind a rose garden.

photo 3

Part of the super cool Garden Railroad.

photo 5

Just walked through the grotto below a statue of Mercury. Look at the state of wonder I’m in.


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