Locust Walk Talk: Better Late than Never – Class of 1995 in San Francisco

Author: Casey Ryan, C’95

I called out of work today due to a headache.  I was able to sleep it off and I’m feeling better now.  However, I forgot that it was my day for a blog entry.

So really short, I’m going to share with you some of my pictures from San Francisco.  I went to the City for the Fourth of July to celebrate the 40th birthday year of the Class of 1995.  Our trip, called San Fran 73-13, was put together by Susan Webner, W’95 and Sara Golomb, C’95.

Look forward to a more detailed write up soon.

The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Saturday’s bike ride.

A panoramic view of the Ferry Building interior

Fresh Cheese at the Farmer’s Market.


Most of the trip attendees, a ton from the Class of 1995.

A selfie, in the Presidio, at the Off the Grid, food truck picnic. Gotta like a place named after you.

We had a great time and we’re looking forward to meeting up again before we return to campus in 2015 for our 20th reunion.




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