Alumnae About Town

by Nicole C. Maloy, W’95

So I’m on the Market-Frankford El, minding my own business, when I sit down and notice fellow Penn alumna Stephanie Renee, W’91 smiling from the wall. In addition to being a volunteer on the Penn Spectrum 2013 Steering Committee, Stephanie is the Program Director at WURD 900AM, and hosts Wake Up with WURD Monday through Friday from at 7am-10am. How wonderful that she uses her influence to promote important programs like this one on internet connectivity in Philadelphia .

I say goodbye to Stephanie at 15th Street and head to my destination on Broad. Just moments later, I stop short at the sight of yet another Penn alumna, Pennsylvania Ballet Principal Dancer Julie Diana Hench, LPS’08. When she isn’t busy serving as President of the University of Pennsylvania Association of Alumnae, she is lighting up the stage at the Academy of Music, showing audiences how the human body can become its own expressive instrument. And I thought my job kept me on my toes.

Thanks, Stephanie and Julie, for accompanying me on my trip to the Avenue of the Arts!


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