Locust Walk Talk: Regional Club Member Meet Up

Author: Casey Ryan, C’95

Alumni Weekend is frenetic, hectic, crazy and frantic for us as staff.  We spend our hours running from College Hall to Hamilton Village (Superblock) and then off to the Stouffer College House in order to staff a board meeting, check in attendees at a panel discussion, or manage registration for one of our hundreds of our events.  We are in a constant state of flux.  It’s important though, because if we’re frenzied behind the scenes, then we know that everything is being accomplished to make sure that our alumni have an amazing time over the weekend  And the adrenaline does us all good.

I think you can see me darting from one location to the next in the background.

However, one of my favorite times during the weekend is the Penn Alumni Regional Club Member Meet Up.  It’s an hour out of our busy schedule to take some time to visit with our incredible volunteers:  club presidents, club leaders, club members, Interview Program Chairs and interviewer.  It’s so valuable to have the opportunity to see folks for a nice chat in person.

Campus is always so nicely done up.

While the event is primarily for our volunteers to network and meet their peers from next door or from around the world – last year, I was privy to Club members from Shanghai and Interview Program volunteers from Cherry Hill having a riveting conversation – this event is a break in the day to see our alumni friends, welcome them back to campus , and to thank them for all the hard work they’ve done for Penn.

So, if you are Interview Program chair, an interviewer, a club leader or member, you are welcome to join the Penn Alumni Regional Club staff for the Meet Up, which will be held on Saturday, May 11 in the Class of 1953 Lounge at E. Craig Sweeten Alumni House (3533 Locust Walk) from 3 to 4 PM.



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