A Partial Hey Day ’94

Author: Nicole C. Maloy, W’95

I don’t remember as much of Hey Day as others do. This has nothing to do with alcohol (anyone who knows me knows I prefer a nice ginger ale with a splash of cranberry juice). I simply had to miss some of it. An away track meet took place on the same weekend, and the date when our bus was scheduled to leave happened to fall right smack on Hey Day 1994.

I attended the barbecue in the morning, and still remember that I didn’t realize how many people were in my class until I saw waves of humans washing over Hill Field, all marked by those infamous red shirts, and topped off with what remained of the stylish, Styrofoam hats.


Later on, I grabbed my red and blue Track & Field duffel bag – already packed for the weekend- and gathered with friends in Superblock to parade down Locust Walk towards the Quad.

The ladies in red

The ladies in red

But when they went inside to be proclaimed Seniors, I kept walking…

Hello, Quad! So long, Quad.

Hello, Quad! So long, Quad.

… onward down Spruce Street, left on 33rd Street, to board the bus for the meet. Some of my teammates had skipped the festivities entirely, but I knew I’d regret not squeezing in at least a bit of the revelry. It’s a good thing I did, because now I have this handy keepsake in my office from the cover of the Daily Pennsylvanian.

Seconds before this shot was taken, I said, "Guys, guys, a camera! Smile!"

Seconds before this shot was taken, I said, “Guys, guys, a camera! Smile!”

Closeup, featuring yours truly.

Closeup, featuring yours truly.


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