Penn Bookstore: Books + Coffee and Comedy

Author: Aimee LaBrie

One of my favorite comedians/writers will be making an appearance at the Penn bookstore next Wednesday, March 20, at 3 PM. Demetri Martin has a dry wit and he does this funny thing in his act where he draws pictures on big sheets of paper like you would at a board meeting as part of his act. I confess that I haven’t read his book, but I’m interested to see him read. He makes slightly off jokes like this one:


I didn’t even realize we would be in the same zip code at the same time until I walked into the bookstore this morning and saw this poster (aside: I like how the sign says “live appearance, just in case we though the might Skype in):

photo (5)

Another reason (of the many–including the fact that the coffee shop upstairs gives you two stamps on your coffee card on Thursdays) to love Penn and the Penn bookstore.




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