Explore the World at Home

Author: Emilie Kretschmar

Penn Alumni Travel is now offering travel webinars on specific countries and destinations across the world. This winter and spring, you can learn about Morocco, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy from the comfort of your own home. Each webinar is hosted by a Penn professor who is also leading one of our 2013 educational tours. This is a great opportunity for past, present, and future Penn alumni travelers to learn about some of our beautiful destinations.

We began our travel series last month with a discussion about the varied landscapes of Morocco (if you missed it, don’t worry! You can still catch a recording here). Professor Tom Safley of Penn’s history department presented an overview of the history, culture, and topography of this Northern African country. Each webinar is followed by a  Q&A session so, when you join us for our next travel webinar, bring your questions. Professor Safley and 25 lucky Penn alumni left for Morocco on Saturday and are due to return next week. Look for a blog about their adventures later this month.

You haven't missed the boat yet. We have a second departure to Morocco in November. Visit our travel website for more details.

You haven’t missed the boat yet. We have a second departure to Morocco in November. Visit our travel website for more details.

Next month, we will be offering two more travel webinars: Perspectives on Holland and Belgium and Perspectives on Italy. Professor Simon Richter of Penn’s Germanic Literatures and Languages department will discuss Holland and Belgium on March 13at noon (EST). You can register for this free webinar here. Professor Michael Gamer of the English department will discuss Italy on March 11at noon. (EST). To register for this free webinar, click here.

Dutch Windmills

Dutch Windmills

View of Venice

View of Venice

We will be adding additional travel webinars to our lineup this spring, so check our website often to take advantage of this free opportunity, or sign-up for our travel e-newsletter here.

This webinar series is but one of the many lifelong learning opportunities we offer to Penn alumni. Visit our Penn Alumni Education website for more information about events (on campus, online, and regionally) and classes. In particular, you can register for one of our Office Hours webinars where one of Penn’s dynamic faculty members presents a live and interactive discussion on a relevant topic. Join us, and continue to learn and explore with your Penn Alumni community.


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