#TriviaTuesday from Penn Alumni

Author: Lisa Marie Patzer

Penn Alumni has been posting #TriviaTuesday questions via our Twitter site once a week, every Tuesday, since mid-August. Many of the questions and photos are taken from the University Archives, a collection of digital archives made available through the Penn Libraries. We have had one consistent follower (@MikeyZ2) answer nearly all of the #TriviaTuesday correctly.  I have learned a lot about the University, trying to find interesting questions and researching the answers.

Here are a few of my favorite:





#TriviaTuesNovemberHarper's Weekly

If you have a knack for Trivia, or you just want to learn more about the University, keep an eye out for #TriviaTuesday on the Penn Alumni Twitter feed.  The one for this week was just posted and needs to be answered:

#TriviaTuesday December18

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