Movember Madness

Author: Patrick Bredhoft

This month, members of Penn Admissions and Alumni Relations have joined forces in the fight against prostate cancer—by growing mustaches all month long to celebrate Movember.   In case you haven’t heard of it before, Movember is an annual, month-long fundraising event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the eradication of prostate and testicular cancer.  Staff from AR and Admissions will be letting their upper lips go unshaven for the entire month, as contributors to this university team: The Penn-cil Thins (although some of us are shooting for handlebar ‘staches).

But we’re hardly alone in our honoring of the Month of the Mustache.  As you can see from a recent blog entry by the Penn Museum, the mustache has long been a symbol of wisdom, virility, and erudite charm.  And if none of those features strike you, consider the Mo’s virtually limitless comedic value: from Charlie Chaplin to Nick Offerman, who you might know as Ron Swanson from TV’s Parks & Recreation, who recently presented a step-by-step guide to improving and enhancing mustache growth this Movember!

Regardless of the reason, we’re glad to be supporting a worthy cause that blends an important issue in men’s health with the fun of celebrating manliness.  And when it comes to wise words about health and haircuts, Ben Franklin naturally had some thoughts to share as well, so we’ll sign off with his words today: “Beware the young doctor and the old barber.”


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