I Voted! Now What?

Author: Lisa V., C’02, GeD’10

With the 2012 Presidential Election just days behind us, it’s easy to fall into that post-election malaise. No more dramatic political Facebook rants to follow with eager disdain.  No more parody-esque campaign ads to watch at 4 times the speed as you fast forward through commercial breaks on your DVR.  But fear not!  For now is the time for post-election analysis, that beautiful window between the chaos of the campaign and the start of the (not so) new administration.  It is the opportunity for political pundits of all persuasions to explore the the infinite ways in which the president just might screw up before he actually has the opportunity to do so.

Luckily for those of us at Penn, we have access to an incredible array of experts who can help us make sense of the election results without the punditry.  Check out the links below to join the conversation!

Eleven Penn Law faculty members share their insights into how the election was conducted and what it means for health reform, economic recovery, immigration, women’s rights and a host of other issues vital to the country’s future follows. You can read all of their thoughts and insights here.

Members of the Fox Leadership Group, Penn Leads the Vote, working the polls at Vance Hall on November 6, 2012.

On Thursday, November 15, 2012 from  12-1 PM Penn’s political science faculty experts will recount the final moments leading up to Election Day, eleventh-hour campaign twists, and, ultimately, the results.  Attend the discussion on campus (and get free pizza!) in Houston Hall’s Benjamin Franklin Room or watch live online. Go here for more info.


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