Band Together

Author: Lisa Vaccarelli, C’02, GED’10

One of my favorite things about our signature weekends here on campus – Homecoming, in the fall, and Alumni Weekend, in the spring – is how the entire Penn community comes together to create an incredible breadth of fun, interesting, educational opportunities that highlight Penn’s well known – and not so well known – treasures.  Staff, faculty, students, administrators and  – of course – alumni work collaboratively for months on end to pull these weekends off.  The result, without exception, is a campus brimming with energy and excitement.

This Homecoming, one fantastic example of this is the inaugural Blutt Band Slam.  The event, made possible by the generosity of Mitchell Blutt, C’78, M’82, WG’87, will highlight nine of campuses most talented musical performers as they compete live on College Green for cash prizes.   From rock bands to classical trios to a cappella groups, the performers will include both Penn student and alumni musicians. I hope you will meet us on College Green following the football game to support your favorite group and get in on the fun!


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