Welcome Back

Author: Dan Bernick, C’14

When the first textbook arrives in the mail, I know school is starting (and I groan). When Quakers head en masse to the football field, I know school is starting.  And when I see my friends back from summer break, I know school is starting.

But my school year does not officially begin until President Gutmann says so.

Every year, President Gutmann hosts a welcome back picnic for the sophomores and juniors. It is a great opportunity for all of us to catch up and see friends we may not have run into yet. The Class Board is always excited to see us, and President Gutmann gives us advice to make the most of our junior year.

Most importantly for a student on a budget – free food!

This year, it was better than ever with a “back-to-grade-school” theme.  Students could pack their own lunch bag full of PB&J sandwiches (crust removed!), a Mott’s apple juice box, and vegetable dippers. And, as usual, students collected Penn gear in the form of a red Penn Traditions shirt (bringing my number of Penn t-shirts to 8,665,932,441).

The only problem is my teachers. I tell them time and again I cannot do homework until school “officially” begins, but they don’t believe me…

Me with Penn President Amy Gutmann and Class Board 2014 President, Spencer Penn.
Credit: President’s Media



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