Kayleigh Smoot, C’13

I’d be the first to tell you I am definitely a professional procrastinator. I try to play it off as “I just work really well under pressure” and that’s true to some extent, but sometimes, I am just straight up lazy when it comes to time management.

After three years at Penn, however, I definitely have fallen victim to a plight worse than plain procrastination: senioritis.

As I entered my senior year at Penn, I was prepared to conquer it all: a five class workload, an executive board position, my work study job, and a rigorous job search for after graduation. It turns out this is a LOT to handle, especially the job search.

Career fairs, late night info sessions, networking, resume drop deadlines – it’s overwhelming. Thankfully, I have support through my friends here at Penn. I realized going to college meant making new friends that would become study buddies, coffee pals, people to walk to class with, but I never truly realized how important they would become during times of stress, like finals week, or now during the most stressful time of senior year.

They also aid me in my procrastinating ways (clearly rewatching old Gilmore Girls episodes with your best friend on a Tuesday night is more productive than doing reading for your world music and cultures class).

So, even though I’ve been procrastinating sending those emails, searching for jobs, and putting off that last reading, I definitely get by with a little help from my friends.


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  1. I love the Class of 2013 shirt. I wish my class had made one.

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