Hello, 20-Foot Ben Franklin

Author: Stephanie Yee, C08

I have been known to see red and blue everywhere, and I am always trying to find a Penn connection. However, I am really starting to think SAP loves Penn. Back in July, the Magic Carpet food truck was at SAP’s 40th Anniversary Newtown Square Summer Picnic. Flash forward a few months, and Ben Franklin is at the SAP Active Global Support Newtown Square Summit. Granted, the event was held at the Franklin Institute, so it’s no surprise Ben Franklin was all over the place.

I had visited the Franklin Institute a number of times but always for the special exhibits. This was my first time in the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial, and wow it’s beautiful! There is nothing quite like a 20-foot statue of Ben Franklin staring down at you while you eat your taco salad and chicken fingers. Too bad we can’t borrow the statue for Homecoming and Alumni Weekend. I would love to see the 20-foot Ben Franklin wearing the foam Quaker hat or a net-hat from Penn Men’s Basketball.

A 20-foot statue of Benjamin Franklin at the SAP Active Global Support Newtown Square Summit at the Franklin Institute.

Panoramic view of the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial at the Franklin Institute.


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One response to “Hello, 20-Foot Ben Franklin

  1. Gabby Robertson

    Just randomly ran across your blog post. A colleage along with myself planned the event above. Thanks for writing about us and hope you had fun! How can you not love Ben? 🙂

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