Author: Dan Bernick, C’14

College students get hungry.  We eat often and at odd hours of the day.  Fortunately, Penn makes eating on campus both healthy and delicious.

To wit: the new 1920 Commons.

The dining hall is my favorite place to eat, because it is easy to pick what I want and is also a great place to meet friends. The top floor is a dining hall, and, this summer, they spruced the space up even more with brighter colors and comfier chairs.  The middle floor feels like a different building entirely; full of open spaces for congregating and eating.  The Gourmet Grocer has organic selections, and Fresh on the Walk offers make-your-own food for the health-conscious student. New this year, the Global Fusion and a pizza pie shop serves affordable, fresh, and delicious options for students.

The bottom floor is a scene out of a movie.  The largest Starbucks in University City – and it’s open until 2:00 AM for is night owls – is a great place to meet up or do homework.  Student groups can also reserve rooms, and the lounge area features a glass fireplace perfect for cold winter nights. The patio outside – complete with seating and a grill, and wired for student groups to perform live music – is the ideal location for a Red and Blue Barbecue!

It’s (ful)filling to be back at Penn. Quakers, eat your heart out!

UA members and the Penn Dining Team with Penn President, Amy Gutmann.
(Credit: Penn Hospitality Services)


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