“I road my bicycle past…”

Author: Lisa Marie Patzer

In 2006, when I moved to Philly from Denver, I decided to sell my Subaru and see if I could get by without a car.  I relied on SEPTA, Philly Car Share, and my two trusty bicycles for transportation.  Since then, I’ve developed a new appreciation for what people do with bikes.  This first picture is of a 1988 Pinarello Montello and is very similar to the bike I ride around town.  A very average bike.

Pinarello Cherry Red

Cherry Red Pinarello

But then there is this guy.

Wash Cycle Laundry

Wash Cycle Laundry

He works for Wash Cycle Laundry, Philadelphia’s sustainable laundry and linen rental service.  They haul tons of laundry every week using bicycles and trailers. Bilenky Cycle Works, (BCW) is a specialty bicycle shop in North Philly dedicated to making custom bicycles “one frame at a time.”  They can make you a pizza delivery bike similar to this one if you want.

Bilenky Cycle Works

Pizza Delivery Bike by Bilenky Cycle Works

In October of 2010, BCW organized the first ever Philly Bike Expo, bringing together bicycle makers and enthusiasts from around the country.  Here are a couple of my favorite photos from that event.

Wooden Bike Sculpture

Wooden Bike Sculpture

Fixed Gear Display

Fixed Gear Display

Pink Cargo Bike

Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby piece in reception area.

Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby display

The University of Pennsylvania has it’s own history with the bicycle.  This photo, made available by the University Archives Digital Image Collection, was taken in 1914 in front of College Hall.  I would like to see the woman in the white dress and big hat riding one of those bikes.

College Hall, 1914

College Hall, 1914

And this was taken in 1963 in front of Annenberg Center.

Annenberg Center, 1963

Annenberg Center, 1963

This illustration is from the University Calendar, September 1905, and below it is a black and white drawing by Morton Livingston Schamberg, circa 1900.

University Calendar, Illustration, September 1905

University Calendar, Illustration, September 1905

Illustration by Morton Livingston Schamberg, 1900

Illustration by Morton Livingston Schamberg, 1900

And here is a photo I took today on campus.

Schwinn Seat - Photo from 8/14/12 on Penn's Campu

Schwinn Seat

Old and new, bicycles are a part of the Philadephia experience and life on campus.  For more information about bicycling in Philadelphia, check out The Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia web site.

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