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Author: Aimee LaBrie

In conjunction with several of our peer institutions, Penn is competing in a Facebook challenge to see which university has the most active members on Facebook.  The Alumpics competition runs for ten days and was inspired by the 2012 Olympics.

How it works: Each day at exactly 11 AM EST, we will post a photograph on the Penn Facebook page and see how many “likes” we can get on the photo.  Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded daily for the universities with the most “likes” and then, at the end of the ten days, an overall tally will be made, and one Ivy will receive the gold medal in participation.

How you can help: You can either check back here every day to find the link to the day’s Facebook photo (listed below), or just visit the Penn Facebook page to find the day’s photo.

Perhaps most importantly, we ask that you post the link on your own Facebook page and ask your friends to vote too.

Let’s show the rest of our peers that Penn alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends are the most active and engaged people in all of the Ivies. Vote today and check back for the next ten days to help us win the gold!

Below is the first photo in the series. The theme was reunions.

You can “like” it here now!

And, if you’d like to follow the competition to see how other universities are doing, view the competition website here.


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