Show Your Penn Pride

Author: Aimee LaBrie

There are many ways to show your Penn pride each and every day. For example, my entire wardrobe consists of red and blue, and I wear some color combination of this every day :

One of the 75 red and blue, mix and match pieces I wear each and every day, including weekends.

Another way to show your pride is to sing Penn songs loudly and often. Many of our alumni do just that by gathering around the piano at Sweeten each afternoon, wearing skimmer hats, and belting out “Red and Blue” as the carillon chimes along in the background.

Photo taken just last week when the women’s glee club stopped by.

Others even go so far as the have the Penn “P” permanently tattooed on their faces:

In truth, these tattoos are made of face paint.I think?

And now, starting next Monday, July 30, alumni, students, faculty, and staff can show their collective Penn spirit in much easier way: by “liking” our Facebook posts as part of a national contest with the other universities who make up the Ivy+ alumni groups.

Who exactly are we competing against? Here’s the confirmed list of our competitors to date (Brown, Dartmouth, and Yale are still undecided):






You can read more about it by visiting our Facebook page. You can also get into the habit of “liking” our posts by doing so now on the Penn Facebook page here.

I’ll write up another reminder post and link next week, but keep your fingers poised over the keyboard until then. We want to win the gold and prove that we have the most engaged alumni and friends in the country!


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