The Year Isn’t Over Yet…

Author: Kelly Graf

This is what I, and many of my annual fund colleagues, can be heard saying throughout the month of June. With the excitement of Alumni Weekend and Commencement a month behind us, many believe the “year” is done and we are now just waiting for another reunion cycle and another freshman class to start things up again.

Alas, the fiscal year goes straight through to June 30. For Penn Funders like myself, this means we still have 22 days to reach our donor and dollar goals! These goals are not just arbitrary numbers we strive to reach but rather milestones that make a difference for students and alumni. The dollars directly support our undergraduate students – their financial aid, residences, campus, and classrooms. The donors represent the strength of our alumni support and are used to help determine rankings in national publications.

This year, our goal is 27,000 donors to The Penn Fund. Join us today and help us to reach this impressive goal! Your gift before June 30 will help to demonstrate the power of Proud Penn Alumni.

The year isn’t over yet – commemorate your time at Penn today!


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  1. Casey

    You can make your gift on-line at I just made mine – still a member of the Ivy Stone Society!

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