Gone But Not Forgotten

By Lynn C.

For Classes and Reunions staff, each May represents two weeks of sleep deprivation immediately followed by two days of perpetual frenzy.  I’m relieved, exhausted, and pretty much an emotional basket case by Sunday morning.  This year I lent a hand at the Memorial Service for all alumni on Sunday, and my thoughts were full of those alumni (and sadly, students) who are gone, but never forgotten.

Tears streamed down my face as I thought of those who have impacted me. Some left this earth while I was a student: Matt, Jen… Many I knew in my role as a staff person:  Warren, Jack, Maryanna, Franklin…  Some passed away long ago, but I am privileged to hear stories about them from friends and classmates: George Munger, Joe Burk, Rosemary Mazzatenta, Michael San Philip, Michele Huber, Bryan Giles, Kyle Ambrogi, Owen Thomas…  Chaplain Chaz Howard urged us to remember the friendships, the late-night talks, and especially the laughter.  In that moment, I could almost hear it.


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