Art Thou Happy?

by Lisa Marie Patzer

One of my favorite places to visit at Penn is the Institute of Contemporary Art on 36th and Sansom Street.   On a recent visit, I captured a few images:

Happiness Measured in Gum Balls

Happiness Measured in Gum Balls

Scale of Happiness

Scale of Happiness

Happiness Confessional
Happiness Confessional

The Happy Show is not about the color yellow, but about the concept of happiness.  Stefan Sagmeister, the creator of The Happy Show, references his personal experience as well as psychological studies, such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, pop culture, and demographic statistics.

If you find yourself in West Philly, stop by the ICA.  As Sagmeister states, the show won’t necessarily make you happy, but it will give you a chance to interact with the notion of happiness.


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