2012 Wharton MBA Graduation in the Palestra

Author: Stephanie Yee, C08

I was skeptical when I heard the 2012 Wharton MBA graduation would be held in the Palestra. The Palestra is a beautiful place for sports, not graduations. Boy, was I wrong. Yesterday, the historic Palestra was transformed into a beautiful graduation venue for the 850 MBA and Executive MBA graduates. But don’t take my word for it. I have the images to prove it!

850 Wharton MBA and Executive MBA graduates

Panoramic view from my seat in the Palestra stands



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3 responses to “2012 Wharton MBA Graduation in the Palestra

  1. ShariRB

    Hi Stephanie! I think you have a typo. Unless they’ve greatly increased the class sizes, I believe it’s 850 graduates not 8,500. You are right about it looking incredible though!

  2. You’re right! Huge typo! Thanks for the correction!

  3. This has been fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

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