My Top Penn List: Life Lessons from Dr. Gutmann’s Favorite Movies

Author: Casey Ryan, C’95

In anticipation of next week’s commencement after Alumni Weekend, I’m  highlighting “The Top Ten Things You Can Learn from the Favorite Movies of Penn’s President,” from Dr. Gutmann’s address last year, complete with trailers! Happy viewing!

10: The Wizard of Oz teaches us that on life’s journey brains, heart, and courage come in handy.

9: From Casablanca, even if Humphrey Bogart never quite said it, dedicating oneself to a higher purpose and deep loyalties are values to treasure always.

8: As time goes by, The Social Network reminds us that virtual relationships are no substitute for real ones…And remember that nerds can get girls, but not if they’re also…<bleeps>.

7: True Grit teaches us that perseverance pays off.

6: Avatar teaches us to respect nature—and each other.

5: Titanic tells us that no ship—strategy or scheme—is unsinkable.

4: E.T. should remind graduates to “phone home.”

3: Silence of the Lambs gave a whole new meaning to having an old friend for dinner.

2: Julie and Julia reminds us that everything really is better with butter.

1: The King’s Speech teaches us to judge individuals not by their rank, but by their merit as well as it is not always the case that what you say is more important than how you say it.

The complete transcript of Dr. Gutmann’s address can be found here.


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