Penn Stitch Therapy

Author, Stephanie Yee, C’08

Once per week, I attend a knitting club after work.

I know what you’re thinking…No, knitting isn’t just for old ladies! In fact, the group, Stitch Therapy, includes Penn undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and alumni. As advertised on the Penn Women’s Center website, Stitch Therapy is for “knitting, crocheting, sewing & conversation.” We meet one evening per week in the Penn Women’s Center to work on our projects.

I learned how to knit during fall semester of my junior year at Penn. I registered for the “Knitting 101” proprietorial, and I was lucky enough to get in.

Many of my classmates and friends have told me they also tried getting into the knitting precptorial, but that it was always full. Who knew a knitting class would be so competitive! I learned how to knit a hat in “Knitting 101,” and a buttonhole bag the following semester in the intermediate level knitting preceptorial.

Since then, I have knit more scarves than I know what to do with (including multiple red and blue scarves – Go Penn!), and I learned how to crochet last year.

This week, we held our last Stitch Therapy meeting of the spring semester. One of our members suggested we do a yarn swap. Many of us have Tupperware bins full of yarn we have collected over the years. Sometimes, we forget when or why we bought that color or weight of yarn, and we do not ever plan to use it. That is when the yarn swap comes in. Everyone brought their unwanted skeins to this week’s meeting, and we had a take-what-you-want session. Look at how much yarn we had to swap at the meeting!



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2 responses to “Penn Stitch Therapy

  1. this looks so fun, steph! are there going to be summer meetings?

  2. Karen Keith-Ford

    Thanks for representing Stephanie, Stitch Therapy is a lot of fun with a truly diverse group of knitters and crocheters all at varying skill levels. This is nice because there’s always someone to help you turn those corners or to teach you how to increase or decrease. p.s. – did I mention the conversation is always interesting too!

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