Student Perspective on Hey Day, 2012

Author: Kayleigh Smoot, C’13

It’s hard to believe after all the study sessions, club meetings,  rehearsals, midterms, papers, parties, dinners out in Center City, and everything in between that I’ve become a SENIOR here at Penn. This past Wednesday, I  donned my red shirt and hat, grabbed my cane, and headed to Hey Day with the rest of the class of 2013 to celebrate becoming seniors. It  felt incredibly special to partake in a Penn Tradition that has been around since 1916. As I frolicked around with my friends at the  picnic, taking pictures and eating delicious food (and each other’s  hats!), I couldn’t help but start to feel nostalgic. It finally hit me that three of my Penn undergraduate years had  passed me by. This bittersweet feeling continued throughout the day as  my classmates and I boisterously walked down Locust to head to College  Green. There, our class board and Penn’s wonderful, beloved President,  Dr. Amy Gutmann greeted us. After a brief “test” from Dr. Gutmann, she  pronounced us seniors, and we all joined in singing a rousing chorus of  “The Red & Blue.”

Me and my friends--I'm the one of the far right.

The school spirit was at an all time high and I’ve  never felt prouder to be a part of this University. After the  celebration died down, I started to reflect on how I only have one more year left at Penn and I fully intend on making it the best
yet. There are so many Penn Traditions I can’t wait to take part in  next year: Feb Club, Final Toast, Commencement. But at the same time,  I’m hoping the days go by slowly and I enjoy every moment.

You can view more photos of Hey Day here.


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