Happy Philly Tech Week

Author: Lisa Marie Patzer

Ben Digitized

Ben Digitized

April 23 – 28 is Philly Tech Week.  According to the Philly Tech Week website, it is “a week-long celebration of technology and innovation in Philadelphia. The annual week of events is intended to grow the impact of this innovative region through programming focused on technology, collaboration and improving Philadelphia.”  Kicking off the week were several events throughout the region, including the Women in Tech Summit, April 21, at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylania.  The Women In Tech Summit brought women together to support, challenge, and empower other women at all stages of their careers. Their discussions included topics such as, “Get Better at Breaking Things: Test-Driven Development for Skill Building and Fun” and “Hacking the Gender Gap: A Hands-On Workshop for Boosting Gender Diversity in Tech.”  They also screened the film “Women in Technology is an OLD idea.”

As a new media artist and web designer, the topic of women and technology hits close to home.  This weekend, I will be presenting my interactive installation project VIDEO DIG at Hacking Big Art for Fun and Games, one of the panel discussions at the Grassroots Game Conference, happening concurrently with Philly Tech Week.  Here are a few images from VIDEO DIG, in case you are curious.

Arduino microcontroller

Arduino microcontroller

Interactive Video Projection and Light Display

Interactive Video Projection and Light Display

Video Still

Video Still


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