Two Penn Alumni Take Fitness to a New Level

Author: Stephanie Yee, C’08

A new fitness iPhone app developed by two Penn alums was released last week. Fitocracy started out as just a “what if” for Penn alumni Brian Wang (C’08) and Richard Talens (W’09). Soon it became a website, and now it has taken the Apple world by storm. Fitocracy helps you track your workouts, improve your fitness, and compete against your friends. Penn students and alumni tend to be fit, healthy, and competitive, so the Fitocracy website and app are a perfect fit for the Penn community. I started using Fitocracy a few months ago. I don’t have an iPhone, so I use their user-friendly mobile site to add my workouts. I am inspired by my classmates’ creativity and innovative product every time I enter a new workout. So far, I am only on Level 10 (the top of the leaderboard is at Level 41…) I am hoping to level up quickly in the next few months while I am training for an 8K, 10-miler, and half marathon. Sign up for Fitocracy here (for free!) to begin enjoying this awesome new product.


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