Penn Alumni in My Travels

Author: Nicole Oddo, C’05

Having been inspired by Monday’s post on travel- here are my last five destinations where I met Penn alumni.

5. Wilmington, Delaware

Probably one of the closest destinations and I went for a work presentation.  As I was setting my up my presentation, my contact and I discovered that we were both Penn undergraduates.  Small world.

4. New York City, New York

My college roommate and I went to the Brooklyn Art Museum. We have toured many art museums together and she indulges my crazy requests to go to museums all over NYC.  I have a quest to go to all the art museums in the country…

3. Phoenix, Arizona

I met my alumni mentor, the chair of the Global Alumni Network Board, to discuss volunteer leadership and the direction of the Penn Club of Philadelphia.  All while enjoying tea outside in November.

2. Virginia Beach, Virginia

While I was visiting a friend from Arizona, I saw a Penn alumna who I hadn’t seen in years.  I reached out to the Penn alumna when my friend moved there last year because I thought they might have something in common.  Fast forward today and they are good friends!

1. Bangor, Maine

One of my Penn roommates got married and I trekked up to central Maine to celebrate her special day.  Several Penn alumni made the trip and we were all seated together at the reception.  To break the ice, we all shared stories about our days at Penn.

Here’s to finding Penn alumni everywhere!



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2 responses to “Penn Alumni in My Travels

  1. I love this post! Penn Alumni are everywhere!

  2. Casey

    I’m so excited to help inspire a fun personal travel post!

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