My Australian Story, Part 2

Author: Lex Ruby Howe, C’07, GED’13

The last month has brought drama to Canberra that The Bold & the Beautiful’s writing staff can only dream of. As you no doubt noticed, Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was challenged for her seat at the helm of the ruling party by her predecessor, Kevin Rudd, whom she had ousted only 3 years earlier in an equally dramatic political coup. Rudd did not prevail, and things settled back to normal, much to the dismay of the political junkies among us. But not without leaving behind some prize Australian political cartoon commentary.

This was not the only flair that graced Canberra’s streets. The nation’s capital just celebrated it’s 99th birthday, allowing all residents to enjoy light festivals, fireworks, museum visits, and a time-honored treat amongst the loyal public servants – a chance to get out of the city and down to the “coast” for the last throes of the waning summer.

Lights festival at Old Parliament House

The leaves have started to turn to hues of gold, auburn, and scarlet to welcome in the autumn season. As they do, I find myself wishing for the blossoms of the trees across Penn’s campus, the growing buds along locust walk, and the promising warmer breeze of the spring winds in Philadelphia. Thankfully, I see Penn every day – my desk proudly features the Penn calendar, displaying the spring my American friends are about to enjoy.

The coming fall in Canberra


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