Happy President’s Day!

Author: Aimee LaBrie

I didn’t realize until today that the 9th United States President, Mr. William Henry Harrison, was a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Sadly, he only held office for 32 days, before falling victim to complications from pnemonia.

Here are five other surprising facts about this distinguished alumnus:

1. At age 68 during the time of his inauguration, he was the oldest president elected into office until Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980.

2. He was also the last president to be born before the United States Declaration of Independence was written.

3. His inaugural address was the longest and the coldest in history–lasting nearly two hours in the bitter March wind (could this have been why he died of pnemonia one month later)?

4.Last President born as a British subject, before American independence.

5. His grandson, Benjamin Harrison, was the 23th President of the United States.

For more interesting info about President W. Harrison’s campaign against Van Buren and ultimate election, courtesy of the History Channel:



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