The Beginning of My Australian Story

Author: Lex Ruby-Howe, C’07

I “relocated,” to put it gently, to Canberra, Australia just over two weeks ago. Returning to what I had often referred to as my “home town,” after 9 years away, and 9 years of making Philadelphia my US home, I now feel like an American tourist in what is affectionately called the “bush-capital” of Australia. Terms and definitions I once knew and used readily are now foreign to me – like what the heck does “snuffed” mean, and if there’s a meeting in “Monday week,” when should I be there? But, nonetheless, the Australians are very adept tour guides, and things are slowly coming back.

It’s a year of change – for me, yes, and for Australia as well. Canberra is a very political place – everything is centered around the government, and as Australia gears up for it’s election season, a battle with the world economy, and so many domestic policy challenges, there’s no telling which direction everything might go.

But until we know, here are a few photos of my early Australian ventures – a photo testament to the telling of Australia’s story, and a hilltop photo of the “bush-capital.”

In the meantime, I look forward to telling my “Penn story” in the coming months as I interview the excited few Australian students who have applied to Penn for admittance to the Class of 2016. It will be a good way to remember what I still consider “home.”


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