Author: John Mosley, C’14

Since grade school, the winter break was the most looked forward to event of the school year. For me it meant, no homework, snow days, and, most exciting of all, the holiday season. My parents and my teachers have always referred to this break as a chance to “recharge my batteries”, a phrase which, until very recently, I thought was extraordinarily stupid. I do not run out of energy. I do not require recharging. Even during my break, I always plan to be as active as possible. “Recharging the batteries” was not something that I needed. Until this semester…

Now, I fully recognize the importance of my battery maintenance. I am dead tired and feel like I could collapse at any moment after this most recent round of finals. I may need a change of batteries. “Relaxation” is my keyword this break. The first few days have been a bit hectic, with the last minute holiday shopping and whatnot, but I absolutely cannot describe how good it felt to wake up late this morning and saunter around the house in my pajamas. The couch was such a comfortable fortress from which to drink tea and watch CNN. I can even read a novel of my choosing on my own time! Also, with growing older and maturing, I have come to view the holidays not as a gift machine, but as a time to enjoy the company of my family and friends.

The more exciting development in the last couple of weeks is that I am wrapping up the celebration of my very first Hanukkah with my girlfriend’s family. It really has been a great experience to spend time with both families on two different holiday celebrations. I even got to learn the Hanukkah prayer, so I guess I know can add Hebrew to my list of (semi) learned languages.

While my batteries are on full recharge mode, I greatly look forward to the next semester. It may just be the nerd in me, but I love the feeling of starting 5 brand new classes every few months. I feel it about 2 weeks before every new semester. New instructors, new and interesting subject matter, and, overall, 5 brand new experiences to carry with me through life. Of course, by the end of February, I will be sick to death of most of these classes and the stress involved, but, for now I will hold onto this warm and optimistic feeling. Of course, I will very much miss Sweeten Alumni House during this break!!! Happy Holidays!



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