Hidden Rooftop Oasis

Author: Amanda D’Amico

On Sunday, I celebrated my second anniversary as a Penn staffer.  Over these two years, I feel like I’ve gotten to know Penn – the history, campus, the students, the staff, and the faculty.

But something still plagued me. I was puzzled by pictures of this location:

I’ve walked through much of the campus, but I couldn’t figure out where this area was.  The building behind these lights was clearly Jon M. Huntsman Hall, but I couldn’t find a grassy area near Huntsman, let alone one adorned with these lights.

But last week, I happened to be on the second floor of Huntsman Hall when a coworker pointed to the window.  There it was!

Koo Plaza, accessible from the second floor of Huntsman, is a tranquil and quiet area, juxtaposed to the busy hustle and bustle of Huntsman Hall.  The Plaza is complete with benches, tables and chairs, and it is an opportune space to enjoy your lunch on one of these unseasonably warm days we’ve had recently.

And, if the above picture hasn’t convinced you of the beauty of the space, here are a few more that might persuade you:


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